Foam extinguishing systems

If there is fire, the foam extinguishing systems cover the affected area with foam, thereby limiting the flames with the help of various distributing devices, i.e. special monitors, sprinklers or nozzles. Foam spreads evenly on the burning material, extinguishing the fire and preventing re-ignition.

The design of this type of fire extinguishing systems is simple. In order to create foam, a proportional amount of foaming agent is evenly added to the water stream, using a mixing device for the purpose. The water/foaming agent mixture is caused to foam by means of air blowing into the foam generators downstream and then applied to the burning object by dispersion.

Foam extinguishing systems are suitable for protection of high risk areas such as flammable liquids and materials storages. The adjustable option for low to extremely high foaming capacity of the mixture ensures an optimal extinguishing effect for any kind of risk.

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