Gas extinguishing systems

The gas fire extinguishing options we offer are, as follows:

– Clean agents – Novec 1230, MX200

Hydrocarbon fire extinguishing systems control fire by the use of the chemical fire extinguisher Novec 1230 3M or MX200 with HFC-227ea. These types of systems are neither corrosive nor electrically conductive. This makes them particularly suitable for protection of premises containing electronic equipment. The systems are fully effective for firefighting with no residual materials, meanwhile offering a high level of personal and environmental protection. They are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized premises and the fire extinguishing agent may be compactly stored in the same room or other rooms at your choice.

– Inert gases – Oxeo Inert Gas Systems, INERGEN

Oxeo Inert Gas Systems increase the levels of inert gases in the air, such as argon or nitrogen, which helps reducing the oxygen content. These are suitable for protecting areas with high-quality equipment, where it is preferable to use fire extinguishing systems without dispersion of substances such as water, foam or powdered extinguishing agent. Argon and nitrogen are natural components of atmospheric air, with their nontoxicity and non-electrical conductivity being further advantages.

INERGEN is a mixture of natural gases: nitrogen (42%), argon (50%), and a small amount of carbon dioxide (8%). Unlike many other fire extinguishing systems that have to be located near the secured area, INERGEN may be stored at greater distances and, being organic in structure, it is not subject to shelf life. Unlike some chemical gaseous firefighting agents, INERGEN cannot cause a reaction with the fire that would create highly toxic or corrosive byproducts that are harmful to humans.

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