Water fire extinguishing systems

The water-based fire extinguishing systems we offer are, as follows:

– Sprinkler systems (wet, dry, shelf, special application)

Sprinkler systems detect and report fires and automatically initiate fire extinguishing with water. The basic principle of selective extinction makes them extremely efficient – in the event of fire, only those located in the immediate vicinity of the fire will be activated. Sprinkler systems ensure reliable fire protection in buildings and industrial facilities.

– Drainage systems

Drainage systems are activated hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically, and the pumped water is sprayed across the entire security zone through open nozzles. Thus, fires in premises and facilities may be reliably controlled, even in the event of rapidly spreading fire. This system is suitable for large open spaces.

– Water mist  Minifog EconAqua

By the use of an innovative low-pressure water mist technology, Minifog EconAqua sprinkler systems ensure an extremely effective protection for buildings. Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, EconAqua systems use up to 85% less extinguishing water, which minimizes the potential water damages. EconAqua pump station may be designed as a much more compact aggregate than the standard stations for sprinkler pumps. This saves space, costs and makes the Minifog EconAqua systems perfect for installation in already completed buildings.

– Spark extinguishing systems

Spark extinguishing systems effectively detect the initial ignition in the suction and transport systems and create an instant water curtain, by automation, to quench the smoldering particles. These systems are recommended for use in areas where fuel materials are transported pneumatically and there is a high risk of fire or dust explosions due to sparks or smoldering particles. As a rule, the extinguishing process is carried out without interruption of the operations.

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