Blinds, curtains, awnings, doors and windows

The control of the glares and sun rays that penetrate the building can lead to great energy savings (up to 40%) for internal cooling. The available products vary depending on their application and the configuration of the cables. The KNX system offered by us can be integrated with other systems, including AV systems and systems for management of buildings (BMS). The system is modular and scalable making it extremely flexible to meet the customer’s needs. We offer solutions for the management of:

– All types of blinds

– Awnings and pergolas

– Skylights and sunroofs

– Electric opening windows

– Auto-dimming function depending on the azimuth, sun position, outdoor and indoor temperature, and shaddow of surrounding buildings/vegetation

– Airing function – automatically lifting of the blind when opening a door or a window

– Security features – closing when activating a security system

– Automatic protection against wind, rain, frost

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