System integration

Inter Systems has long experience in the design and construction of integrated systems for industrial sites, retail outlets of all sectors and private homes. In order to provide the most effective solution to customer needs, we use a customized approach to identifying goals and technological opportunities. The key attributes that we rely on when designing the integrated systems are operating efficiency, optimal service life, minimal service intervention and maintenance, and the ability to improve over the long term. Using the right components and proper planning gives the systems out of Inter Systems the reliability, security and management convenience. Our engineers will analyze the organization of your systems and use technology solutions to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Inter Systems has experience in building integrated systems of the following types:

– Security and fire alarm systems

– CCTV system

– Intercom systems

– Keyless In

– Smart metering

– Multimedia systems

– Unification

– Visualisation and control



Our systems meet the highest industry standards.

We design and install according to:

  • dddd
  • fm
  • cn-mis
  • nfpa
  • bsi

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