Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm system is the key safety factor for any premises. Early and reliable notification often reduces the loss of assets and human lives in the event of fire or damages.

The systems offered are manufactured by the leaders in the industry and certified and designed according to the highest international standards. They ensure detection at an early stage, while minimizing false signals.

A fundamental requirement for successful protection is to determine the specificity of the building and human traffic. The broad product range allows for maximum optimization of the systems depending on the particular application:

– Industrial buildings

Unlike most other types of buildings, the protection of tangible assets in this type of buildings is the highest priority. Limiting false alarms is of great importance, as loss of production or even operational failure may lead to irreversible consequences.

– Hotels

Hotel guests are number one priority, as they are absolutely dependent on the rescue teams supported by a complex fire protection system. Of particular importance are the clearly marked evacuation routes, including optical and acoustic signaling.

– Hospitals

Hospital evacuation requires considerably more time than in other buildings, in addition, panic levels are significantly elevated. Therefore, it is necessary to draw up a specialized individual concept for fire rescue operation with efficient emergency routes, meanwhile optimizing the conditions for fire prevention.

– Public buildings

The biggest challenges in public buildings such as libraries, universities, or municipality buildings, basically involve two aspects: they are often visited and may contain valuable assets. These require more specialized solutions, as well as recovery facilities following specific safety requirements.

– Residential buildings

These buildings are often divided into public and private complexes and therefore require integrated fire detection and access control. In addition, the following components may be implemented: time recording, video monitoring, and intrusion protection.

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